Virtual Reality in Gaming and its development

Technology has helped mankind develop from the beginning of time. From discovering how to make fire and creating simple tools and weapons to the present day where we are exploring the universe, curing diseases, transplanting organs and have access to artificial intelligence.

Technology has impacted on every bodies life’s. Imagine trying to lead a life without electricity, cars, telephones T.V. or computers. The simplest of tasks would take such a long time, washing clothes, cooking, travelling to work and the job you do when you eventually get there. 

These days, one of the fastest developing areas has been computing and gaming. Indeed, your mobile phone has better computing power than the early computers. In gaming, we have gone from the first ping pong type games to movie quality graphics and sound packed full of features.

The computers and gaming consoles we use offer ever increasing power, the hand controllers, joysticks, mouse’s and other equipment offer wireless connection and features we would not have dreamt of thirty years ago, now we are on the verge of another massive leap forward in the world of gaming, the recent introduction of virtual reality headsets.

These really enable you to interact in the game you are playing by sensing your movements so you can move around your virtual environment and interact with the objects in it. Virtual reality is still in its infancy and there are a limited number of headsets on the market and likewise games that you can use them in.

As with any new development it has been greeted with mixed reviews and the prices are high but it will only be a matter of time before any glitches are sorted out and as popularity increases more games will become available and headset prices will begin to fall. It is quite likely that in the not too distant future virtual reality will become the standard gaming format.

My recommendation would be to wait for the time being until prices begin to fall unless you are quite wealthy. Hold on until there is a game released that you really want to play in virtual reality then shop around to find a headset that is compatible with your device.

Make sure you read plenty of independent reviews as it may be worth spending a few more Dollars to get what you really need. In the meantime, if you get the opportunity to check out a headset in a store or at a friend’s then give it ago and see if it suits you, the only danger is that normal gameplay might seem dull after this experience.

Video Game Trends – Shaping the Future of the Gaming Industry

The topic of gaming technology that steals headlines these days is virtual reality, but there are other trends that have already been introduced yet have not hogged the spotlight yet. However, many believe that these technologies will reshape the future of gaming industry. Here are some of these trends.


Virtual Reality with Friends

Those who support virtual reality are more than eager to highlight one of the weak links of the platform, which is how isolating it can be. If you have been looking at various review videos by gamers, you will see how it can get ‘lonely’ when you play with the VR platform. However, one man that is now heading a VR company independently believes that the future of virtual reality is a social one. It will be about transporting you and your friends into a game where you can all play together.

Oculus is the most popular name associated with virtual reality technology. These days, HTC and PS4 are now creating their version of VR technology. According to the head of the developer strategy to Oculus Anna Sweet, VR with other friends is a reality that will happen soon. When you get two individuals together in the same virtual space, you will get to witness how they talk and move, not to mention how they interact in that virtual world, too. It will let players connect with each other, as if they were really in the same room with them, even if they are a distance apart. This is one powerful technology improvement to look up to.

Augmented Reality

When Pokémon Go became available worldwide, almost every person you see in the street was watching on their smartphone and swiping on the screens. These individuals were trying to catch Pokémon on their device. Some players even went as far as to travel all over the world in the hope that they can catch the rarest Pokémon. If only this technology were available a bit earlier than scheduled, it would’ve opened more possibilities in augmented reality. But such a thing won’t be that far off in the future. Many think that Pokémon Go might just be a one-off success that is carried off by the already successful name.

Whilst there might not be another Pokémon Go in the future, there are still those that are interested in AR, since the success of Pokémon Go did set Twitter and Tinder alight. Even those who were not Pokémon gamers before loved this app.

Indie Studios

Have you ever noticed some of the viral games these days, no matter which console it is, they are created and developed by an independent group? In the past, the most successful games created by indie studios are World of Goo and Braid. Some of them even just started out with a team of three, but now have grown into 25. There is something about being an indie studio, and that is being able to create a game that you want without having superiors to instruct you what needs to be in there.

PC Upgrade Do-it yourself tips

Do you have problems with your PC? Well, if it performs slower than it used to when you bought it you need to do a little maintenance. Why should you give hundreds of dollars to Pc service guys when you can do it all by yourself. So go ahead pick up a paper and a pen and follow closely, we will show you how to maximize you PC’s performance without investing too much money. Nothings for free right, well this will cost you only your time and effort.


Clean the Software.

First things first, start by deleting any unnecessary files, temporary files cookies. There are some great programs online that will do all this but if you want you can take time and do it yourself. Try out CC Cleaner or Tune Up programs to maximize you PC’s performance.

Remember to back up the important stuff, files and photos that you wish to save in case you get carried away in deleting unnecessary stuff. In any case, this will be a good way to lighten the load and remove some of the temporary files so that your PC can work better and faster.

Clean the Hardware.

You can do this two ways. The first one doesn’t provide too many results, but it’s easy and fast. Take any air compressor that you can find and place it on any hole on the side of your PC. Let the pressurized air do the rest, and it will take some of the dust out of your hardware. The other way is much more effective, but it takes more of your time.

First make sure your device is disconnected from the ower source. OK, so take the tools that you will need, usually a couple of different sized screwdrivers, then open the outside plate on your PC. Now that you’ve done that, continue disassembling your hardware inside. Make sure that you know where which one goes as you will need to reassemble them yourself.

Now that you have all your hardware placed on a white cloth, start with the cleaning. Take a smaller cloth and dip it in any alcohol solution, make sure it’s not too strong, though. Clean them separately and reinsert in the PC. You will be surprised by the amount of dust that you will find. Now your PC will work faster and better.

Boost up You Graphic Card.

Yes, you can boost the performance of your graphic card by overclocking it. This is possible in some cases if the card is strong enough. If not you can always just install a big fan into your PC. Buy a cheap but small powerful fan.

Make a hole on the outside plate of your PC and insert and fix the fan onto it. It will definitely reduce the temperature of your CPU thus allowing you to get more from your graphic card and CPU.

So there you have it, there is always a way. You don’t have to pay a fortune to clean your PC in a service store, do it yourself.

The Top 3 High-performance Gaming Motherboards

Millions of people around the world are searching for powerful gaming motherboards designed to redefine their gaming experience and take it to the next pleasurable level. Only by reading the current best gaming motherboards reviews 2015 will you be able to find the ideal product, suited to become your source of gaming clarity.

Strengthening the personal computer on the graphic side may prove to be quite a challenge for people that don’t really know what to look for. It is not enough to invest in a high power graphics processor because it won’t do the whole job during games. You have to invest in a reliable gaming motherboard, capable of improving the way the computer reacts under graphic pressure from some of the top rated games today.

Just imagine playing games like Mass Effect 3, The Old Republic, Saints Row 3, Skyrim and many others that require a lot of graphic juice in order to run. What to look for when buying a gaming motherboard? Well, there are a couple of things that should be present in a high quality product. In the following rows we are going to emphasize some of them and help you understand better the world of gaming.

As so many people pointed out, a beginner will find it very difficult to identify a great model because every processor requires a particular socket to fit in. You will also need to know more about type of memory, memory support, storage support, expansion slots, motherboard size, chipset, PCI type and motherboard brand.

One important thing is the Chipset, because it is the way your CPU, RAM and video card interact. So, make sure it comes with a powerful one. Upon reviewing some of the best models available on the market today, we made three suggestions of gaming motherboards.


Asus Maximus VI HERO gaming motherboard

What to look for when buying a gaming motherboard? Asus Maximus VI HERO gaming motherboard comes equipped with all the characteristics and functions needed to maintain any game evolution fluid and uneventful. It comes with a powerful LGA1150 socket designed to meet the needs from some of the following types of processors: Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Pentium and Celeron.

The motherboard has Intel Z87 express chipset that ensures a soothing environment for all the major PC components to communicate. You should also know that the model has incorporated Sonic Radar that scans and detects better the computer’s connectivity patterns and enhances them.

Asus Z87 PRO gaming motherboard

When it comes to advanced and professional computer components one brand manages to release high quality models year after year: Asus. To this end you have the possibility to use one of the best gaming motherboards in 2016 from Asus: Z87 PRO, a model that can redefine your gaming experience.

It includes Dual Intelligent processors 4, completed by 4-way optimization systems which maintain the computer working with ease and lack of problems. In addition to the solid design, the motherboard features Wi-Fi Go! a special feature that permits you to fuse with ease desktop, pads and smartphones.

ASRock MB-970EX4 ATX gaming motherboard

Are you trying to find a professional gaming motherboard that will allow you to play any game without restrictions? If you are then you have the possibility to use one of the best gaming motherboards in 2015 from ASRock MB-970EX4 ATX, a model designed to meet your gaming needs.

This advanced motherboard comes with Realtek ALC892 7.1 channel HD Audio CODEC and can support with ease Premium Blu-ray audio and even THX TruStudio Pro for enhanced audio experiences. The device includes 5 x SaTA 3 ports, support RAID 0/1/0+1/5/ JBOD and also 1x SATA 3 port that permits you to set out enhanced connectivity with other devices

The Failure of Always Online

Over the last two or three years, we’ve heard more and more about how gaming is moving towards an “Always Online” experience. This was made particularly clear in 2013 around the concept – or the original concept – of the Xbox One. 2014 has shown that there is a long way to go before “Always online” is realistic and able to be supported.

second image

2014 was a mixed year for gaming in all, between broken games being released, online functions suffering and Steam’s loss of control. All of these I’ll touch on at some point, but for now I want to focus on Online Functionality.

I’ll start off by giving a shout out to Shamus Young on the Escapist who easily covers the Christmas fiasco for game consoles. Now, I haven’t bought into the “Next Gen” of game consoles yet. My Trusty Xbox 360 still has enough entertainment value in it and the PS4/Xbox One have barely found their feet (In my opinion).

However, even as someone who has not gone “Next Gen”, I’ve found problems occurring. For example, a few months ago, Xbox Live was down for hours at a time which meant I could not play certain games – Because Xbox Live is the central location where your ID is handled for any online functionality.

As an IT Technician by trade, I’d call this the “Single point of failure” – it is a service that goes down and removes access to other services. I’ve no doubt Microsoft (Or even Sony) have redundancy in their services, but if it gets overwhelmed, it gets overwhelmed.

3rd imageI listened to an interview on the BBC with Lizard Squad (The group that claims responsibility for the attack on Christmas day) and the spokesperson said they were conducting attacks on these services because “It raises awareness of security vulnerabilities in the services”.

This, to me, is rubbish. There is so much that can be done against a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, but it is not necessarily a “vulnerability” and almost certainly not a hack (Although it can be used for such).

This highlights why “always on” does not work – small groups of people can attack the service and impact thousands, if not millions, of customers.

Online games have their place, I really do know and enjoy the features, but the failure is with consoles that cannot work simply because of a lack of online connectivity – this applies to both consoles and games. Fail safes need to be put in place for the absence of connection, or the availability of connection, but lack of service.

If a solution is not found for these sorts of problems, I can see the reputation of PS4 and Xbox One being damaged, although both will be successful consoles regardless. The great thing is that Microsoft and Sony have an example of “Offline” that works quite well – Steam.

Steam’s offline service is not perfect, but it (Mostly) does not get in the way of the games being games, only games that really need online play are impacted. For the consoles to really work, there should be some measure in place to prevent the console from being effectively closed off.

Ultimately, Microsoft and Sony need to encourage developers to tie their game to online functionality only if it is necessary or have appropriate failsafe’s.

Top 5 Unbelievable Gaming World Records

From their first appearance, playing video games was always fun. Today, gaming is even considered sport in some countries and as such it is an official discipline on numerous world tournaments and competitions. Professional gamer is one of the most popular and most wanted professions out there, and it is entirely understandable, who wouldn’t like playing games for money each and every day? techphotonewsSome of the gamers achieved their goal and became pro players, but others are still trying. However, some of the world records in gaming are set by everyday players who are just so in love with gaming. Take a look at 5 Unbelievable Gaming World Records, and maybe just you will be the next to break it.
1. The longest video game marathon on Final Fantasy
Who said girls don’t aren’t perfect gamers, Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias also known as Kinumi Cati is a Final Fantasy player who set the world record for the longest video game marathon for this game. This marathon lasted for 38 hours and 6 minutes. Good luck with breaking this one. While playing Final Fantasy Hecaterina set the world record for the longest video game marathon on a Japanese-style role-playing video game.
2. Youngest professional video gamer
1463859408_8Victor de Leon III also known as Lil Poison was only four years old when he entered Major League Competition in New York, only two years later he signed a contract with this competition’s organizers and became the youngest professional gamer. Are you jealous now?
3. Highest score on Guitar Hero III (Female)
2380707621_7e039c0080Annie Leung from the USA set the world record for highest score on Guitar Hero III. She started playing video games when she was just a kid, and she made getting more women to enter gaming competitions her life mission. This is what gave her motivation to get up and score 789,349 points while playing GH Through The Fire and Flames. Today she is one of the gaming role models for all girl gamers out there.
4. Highest career earnings for a competitive video game player.
Katherine Gunn aka Mystik appeared in TV show WCG Ultimate Gamer for the first time and left it as a winner with a $100 000 prize. However, this isn’t the thing that made her famous. She earned $122 000 by playing Dead or Alive 4 and Halo Reach in the period from 2007 to October 2010.
5. Longest video game marathon on World of Warcraft.

And last but not the least important World of Warcraft (Blizzard), and who do you think set this record? Surprisingly or not, it was Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias who also set the world record for the longest video game marathon on Final Fantasy. Longest marathon on WoW lasted for 21 hours and 31 minutes.

Even though she set more than four world records up until now, she says her dream isn’t becoming a professional gamer but a singer. If you are interested in seeing her playing or singing, you should visit her YouTube account.