Top 5 Unbelievable Gaming World Records

From their first appearance, playing video games was always fun. Today, gaming is even considered sport in some countries and as such it is an official discipline on numerous world tournaments and competitions. Professional gamer is one of the most popular and most wanted professions out there, and it is entirely understandable, who wouldn’t like playing games for money each and every day? techphotonewsSome of the gamers achieved their goal and became pro players, but others are still trying. However, some of the world records in gaming are set by everyday players who are just so in love with gaming. Take a look at 5 Unbelievable Gaming World Records, and maybe just you will be the next to break it.
1. The longest video game marathon on Final Fantasy
Who said girls don’t aren’t perfect gamers, Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias also known as Kinumi Cati is a Final Fantasy player who set the world record for the longest video game marathon for this game. This marathon lasted for 38 hours and 6 minutes. Good luck with breaking this one. While playing Final Fantasy Hecaterina set the world record for the longest video game marathon on a Japanese-style role-playing video game.
2. Youngest professional video gamer
1463859408_8Victor de Leon III also known as Lil Poison was only four years old when he entered Major League Competition in New York, only two years later he signed a contract with this competition’s organizers and became the youngest professional gamer. Are you jealous now?
3. Highest score on Guitar Hero III (Female)
2380707621_7e039c0080Annie Leung from the USA set the world record for highest score on Guitar Hero III. She started playing video games when she was just a kid, and she made getting more women to enter gaming competitions her life mission. This is what gave her motivation to get up and score 789,349 points while playing GH Through The Fire and Flames. Today she is one of the gaming role models for all girl gamers out there.
4. Highest career earnings for a competitive video game player.
Katherine Gunn aka Mystik appeared in TV show WCG Ultimate Gamer for the first time and left it as a winner with a $100 000 prize. However, this isn’t the thing that made her famous. She earned $122 000 by playing Dead or Alive 4 and Halo Reach in the period from 2007 to October 2010.
5. Longest video game marathon on World of Warcraft.

And last but not the least important World of Warcraft (Blizzard), and who do you think set this record? Surprisingly or not, it was Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias who also set the world record for the longest video game marathon on Final Fantasy. Longest marathon on WoW lasted for 21 hours and 31 minutes.

Even though she set more than four world records up until now, she says her dream isn’t becoming a professional gamer but a singer. If you are interested in seeing her playing or singing, you should visit her YouTube account.